25 Days of Writing Prompts for the Holiday Season

Photo by Carli Jeen on Unsplash

One of the things I enjoy most about the holiday season is writing Christmas cards for my family, friends, and colleagues. There’s something so special about being able to show someone you appreciate them – in writing. This year it’s even more important that I add that personal touch, so my cards will take longer to write. And, if I’m honest, this is about all the writing I will get done during the holiday season. Between gift shopping, decorating, baking, holiday celebrations, and not to mention blogging, there’s very little time to dedicate to writing.

What’s a writer to do?

Well, I know I need to write, or I’ll end up feeling guilty. However, I want to keep the pressure off to not lose out on celebrating the holiday season. That’s why I am taking the next 25 days to recharge my creativity and find new inspiration.

How do I plan to do that, I hear you ask?

Well, I will challenge myself to write one very short piece (50-200 words) each day of December leading up to Christmas. I won’t spend more than twenty minutes on each writing prompt, and whatever I end up with goes into a folder titled “Blank Page Cure.”  The catch – the prompts will all be based on some scene or idea I have for a longer piece. So, whenever I lack ideas or inspiration throughout the year, I’ll have 25 stories just waiting to be developed.

Want to do the 25 days writing prompt with me?

Here are 25 short writing prompts for the 25 days leading up to Christmas that you can use. I hope they help spark your creativity and give you something to write.

DAY 1: Write a story that includes a volcano.

DAY 2: Someone goes to extreme lengths to buy the perfect gift.

DAY 3: There’s a clock in the hall that does nothing at all.

DAY 4: The boys were told to stay out of the attic, but they did not listen.

DAY 5: “This is the last time,” she shouts. “Then, I’m done.”

DAY 6: Describe a clementine using the five senses.

DAY 7: Santa is on trial.

DAY 8: Write a story about fridge magnets.

DAY 9: Write a short script about meeting your muse.

DAY 10: Sally has lost something very important. Describe it without saying what it is.

DAY 11: The camera allows you to take photos of something unexpected.

DAY 12: Write a story about being happily trapped.

DAY 13: A relative you didn’t know about shows up at your door.

DAY 14: Write a story about running towards something that keeps moving farther away.

DAY 15: Describe walking along a shoreline.

DAY 16: Write about a ridiculous rivalry.

DAY 17: A hidden letter is found, and it changes everything.

DAY 18: What do you see in your reflection?

DAY 19: Write about the morning fog.

DAY 20: You have limited cash and are low on gas.

DAY 21: Sheep everywhere!

DAY 22: The angry man with the staff emerged from the nearby field.

DAY 23: Your best friend betrayed you to protect you.

DAY 24: Everything you knew about him was a lie.

DAY 25: A dialogue between multiple opposing characters in one scene.